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RG. Institutional Records

 Record Group
Identifier: RG
Institutional records created by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Found in 27 Collections and/or Records:

Records of the Architecture and Design Department (RG-28)

Identifier: RG-28
Dates: 1999-2004 [unprocessed; subject to change]

Records of the Collections Department (RG-03)

Identifier: RG-03
Dates: 1928-2014 [minimally processed; subject to change]

Records of the Collectors' Circle (RG-19)

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RG-19

Records of the Community Affairs Department (RG-27)

Identifier: RG-27
Dates: 1985-1999 [minimally processed; subject to change]

Director's Correspondence (RG-01)

Identifier: RG-01
Dates: 1927-2006

Records of the Education Department (RG-07)

Identifier: RG-07
Dates: [unprocessed]

Records of the Exhibition Design Department (RG-32)

Identifier: RG-32
Dates: 1990-2000 [minimally processed; subject to change]

Records of the Exhibitions Department (RG-23)

Identifier: RG-23
Dates: 1936-2012 [minimally processed; subject to change]

Records of Fast/Forward (RG-25)

Identifier: RG-25
Dates: 1985-2001

Records of the Fischer Collection (RG-31)

Identifier: RG-31
Overview The collection was artifically created in order to bring together records about the Fischer collection residing in multiple collections in the VMFA Archives, as well as in the museum's records at the Library of Virginia. As such, the collection is entirely comprised of photocopies of records from the 1960s to the 2010s. To date, the museum has not located a collection of contemporaneous Fischer family records within its collections.
Dates: 1967-2013

Records of the Friends of African and African-American Art (RG-17)

Identifier: RG-17
Dates: 1992-2012 [minimally processed, subject to change]

Records of the Friends of Art (RG-18)

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RG-18
Dates: 1986-2001

Records of the Library (RG-29)

Identifier: RG-29
Dates: [unprocessed]

Records of the Media Services Department (RG-26)

Identifier: RG-26
Dates: 1952-2017 [minimally processed; subject to change]

Records of the Membership Department (RG-12)

Identifier: RG-12
Dates: 1935-2004, undated

Records of the Publications Department (RG-10)

Identifier: RG-10
Dates: [unprocessed]

Records of the Registration Department (RG-08)

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RG-08
Overview The collection documents the work of the Registration Department from 1919-1994, including management of the permanent art collection, loans, and exhibition documentation.
Dates: 1919-1994

Records of the Staff Association (RG-30)

Identifier: RG-30
Overview The collection documents the work of the Staff Association from 1996-2009, including the group's by-laws, meeting minutes, and event files. The Staff Association was comprised of employees from across the museum's various departments and was founded to provide support for the staff through different activities and staff events.
Dates: 1996-2009

Records of Virginia Museum Theatre / TheatreVA (RG-04)

Identifier: RG-04
Dates: 1955-2003 [minimally processed; subject to change]

Records of the Trustees (RG-02)

 File — Multiple Containers
Identifier: RG-02
Overview The collection documents the work of the Trustees from 1933-2010, including committee files, signed minutes, meeting files, rosters, and records from Trustee Presidents and the Secretary of the Museum.
Dates: 1933-2010